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Frequently asked questions by customers

Q. Can China MM2H Holder Bring Indian Maid Come to Malaysia Under the MM2H Program? And Then the Maid Is 56 Years Old This Year? She Is Really Good and Working for Him for More Than 10 Years.
A. China MM2H holder only allowed to bring one maid from own country OR an approved country such as India but not any other country, she must be not less than 21 years old and not more than 45 years old.

Q. Can I Know Any Differences Between Government and Private Hospitals for Mm2h Holder & Pure Foreigner? Can Mm2h Holders Enjoy the Local Malaysian Rate at Government Hospital?
A. As a general rule in Malaysia you are advised to go to private hospitals as the government hospitals do not always have the same quality and facilities. The cost of seeing a doctor is very reasonable and it is relatively easy to see a specialist and unlike some countries you do not require a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) before you can get access to them. Charges for a consultation usually run around RM30 – RM80 for a GP and RM80 – RM150 for a specialist.

Q. If I’m In the Midst of Applying for A Working Permit, I Got the VDR But Haven't Done Body Checkup and Also Haven’t Got the Employment Pass on The Passport Yet. But Now I Want to Apply Mm2h, What Is the Process. Please Advise?
A. You can still apply for MM2H but once you got the approval letter you have to terminate the employment pass to be able you to get an MM2H visa stamped on your passport.

Q. Some Agents Say No Need but Officers Say Need. Renewal 10 Years Did We Need Latest 3 Months Bank Statement and Pay slip?
A. Not Required.

Q. For the FD Cert 10 Years Ago, The Bank Side Needs to Provide the Updated Version? Or Use the Old FD And the New Lien Letter Will Do?
A. You can use the old certificate copy but have to get the new updated lien letter.

Q. For 10 Years Renewal, Do the Clients Need to Ask Banker to Provide Bank Statement Showing the FD Is Still There?
A. Not Required, but the bank must provide a Bank Lien letter as confirmation of FD.

Q. If the Client MM2H Visa Already Expired 6 Months Ago and He Did Not Renew It, Can He Withdraw His FD From Bank After His MM2H Visa Expired? Or Is It Fine for Him to Renew Now?
A. Yes, they can but must proceed with the MM2H termination and withdraw FD accordingly.

Q. When I Pass The 10 Years Living in Malaysia, Is It Possible to Get the Malay Passport (Citizenship) Aside from My German Passport?
A. No, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

Q. I Apply My MM2H With Agents, Is There Fine If I’m Doing Other Processes by Myself?
A. Yes, you can if you wish but going through an agent will mean you never have to visit a government office and no payment of security bonds etc. Obviously other benefits too including guaranteed approval through us otherwise full refund.

Q. My MM2H Visa Was Expired for More Than 10 Years, Is That Fine If I Do the Renewal Now? What Is the Process?
A. No you cannot, you have to reapply again as a new MM2H application.

Q. I Cancelled My Son's MM2H Visa to Apply for A Student Visa. After His Graduate Can He Got His MM2H Visa Back Under My Name?
A. You can apply MM2H visa if your son is below 21 but if your son is above 21 he/she cannot be under the same application he must apply on his own or son can have parents as dependents but then they need to fulfil their own requirements. Or they can apply at university and get student visa after 21 above.

Q. I’m The Main Applicant. Can My Parents in Law Join MM2H Under My Name?
A. No, you can only add your parents only after you get MM2H visa stamped on your passport.

Q. My Husband Is an MM2H Holder, We Just Got Married but We Don’t Have A Marriage Certificate. Can I Do the Add-On Process Under His Name Without A Marriage Certificate? If I Cannot What Can I Do?
A. Yes, you can apply as long as a legal document is provided such as an affidavit.

Q. I Am A Qualified Doctor In US. How Can I Get to Work in A Malaysia Hospital or A Private Hospital?
A. Under Malaysia My Second Home Program, participants are NOT allowed to work. However, you can apply to the Human Resources Ministry seeking special approval for you to work in Malaysia because of your special expertise.

If you are successful, you will be issued a work permit or Employment Pass. You may join Malaysia: My Second Home Program at the end of your work permit if you decide to continue your stay in Malaysia.

Q. Do Kindergarten Level Child Need A Student Visa to Attend Kindergarten Here?
A. Children below the school going age (that is 7 years old) are not required to apply for a Student Visa. They need only apply for a Social Visit Visa.


Q. If My Children Are Already Married and Want to Study In Malaysia With Their Husband, Do They Need To Pay The Fixed Deposit?
A. Not necessary. They can apply for a Student Visa once they have obtained places of study in Malaysia.


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