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The Golden Ticket for The Sunset Age

This life, the brutal rat race has never been so vigorous that it becomes an illusion which creates the wheel where one could think that no amount of Money is enough to fulfil their happiness. This cycle fuels the continuous hunger of working more and more trading their precious commodity called time which can’t be bought or replaced. As one would say that “Life is Short” depicts the belief that time is the most valuable commodity and most only notice the importance of time when ageing.

This is why one would only appreciate their time until later in life when they enter this so-called the “Sunset Phase” of their live, when they no longer have the capability to work while have a plenty of money in the bank and all they want is to start a new enriching life maybe is to spend more quality time with loved ones or just a trouble free quiet life.

The Sunset Phase is where one would love to make the most out of it because they are finally able to fully enjoy the fruits of their lifetime of work. Adults at this age would love a healthy, carefree and quiet lifestyle before making it to their final phase (Old Age). That’s why more and more people are starting a new life in a foreign country and programs like MM2H is implemented specifically for these people.

With that in mind, it’s time for a new change. An entirely discrete place that just made it on to the hot list of Malaysia’s residential haven. A place that’s summer all year long and filled with exotic flora and fauna in the depths of the rainforest and also the mountains. A paradise that is still hidden away from foreigners and it has the recipe to a senior lifestyle. The key to a vibrant, healthy, active and engaging senior lifestyle is to balance the time between relaxation and the relentless exciting exploration which is taking shape in the Land of the Hornbills. Sarawak, located in Malaysia specifically in Borneo (East Malaysia). Just bordered between the North of Kalimantan, Indonesia and West of Sabah, Malaysia. A vast land of Borneo Island located south of the Philippines.

(Bario, Sarawak)

Sarawak has a lot to offer, with the population of 2.6 million that spread across a vast land of 12,450km². So, what to expect? For a life to be carefree, safety is one of the most important element and Sarawak is the top 3 safest state in Malaysia. First, it is free from natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoon, and tsunami because it’s located outside the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and it’s also lies too far south of the major typhoon paths. Next, with the land being underpopulated means that it has relatively low crime rates compare to cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

In Sarawak we love to take things casual and slow, despite the potpourri of culture we always find a way to compromise with each other that’s why we are genuinely friendly and welcoming in nature compared to the Mainland Malaysia (West Malaysia). Majority of us speak at least 3 languages (English, Chinese, and Malay) which makes it especially attractive for foreigners to communicate. Usually, foreigners would prefer Kuching the capital of Sarawak because everything is a stone throw away and traffic jams only take up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Moving on, under Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) the main incentive is that participants remittances from abroad will not be taxed and with the exchange rate advantage it become more attractive for foreigners specifically from United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Korea to purchase a second home here. However, with the new regulations for Sarawak MM2H program participants requirements are much lower than the mainland which is why it’s becoming a hot topic for more foreigners to migrate here. For example, for participants in the mainland will need a minimum of RM40,000 of income per month compared to participants in Sarawak will only need RM10,000 income per month for married couples and RM7,000 for single individual. That’s why even though, the CPI (consumer price index) is rank 6th highest on the price of basket goods for Sarawak in Malaysia the requirements for MM2H are much lower. This is because consumer goods (wants) are usually more expensive due to higher cost in logistics. However, necessities like housing, food and clothing are usually affordable. Therefore, to live comfortably in Sarawak one may need an average of 2000USD per month for a four-family household but for single individual it’s only around 700USD per month, so it depends on the choices you desire and for the quality of life you get it’s definitely worth it to have a second home here.

For the foodies you are in a great treat, the taste of Sarawak always stands out compared to the taste from Mainland. It’s a place where your taste buds are being tested, with the western influence since the colonial period from the Portuguese, Dutch and British plus the mix culture of Sarawak that is home to the Chinese, Malay and the indigenous (including 27 ethnic groups). You will be expecting countless cuisines and local delicacies to spice up your food log and of course don’t forget the sweet desserts.

To activate your adventurous mode, besides shopping and city tour. There is nature to explore ranging from rainforests, caves, national parks, beaches, and tropical islands and stand a chance to witness wildlife in their own natural habitats. Furthermore, embrace the experience of the life of different tribes at the longhouses. For music lovers there are also music events like Rainforest World Music Festival that caught the eyes of international performers which takes place once a year. So here is a list of activities that you could plan out for your journey of a lifetime.

To enjoy the seed of your success it is also recommended for participants of MM2H to have their own second home besides renting out. Why not owning it and feel the satisfaction of your hard work. Plus, at the end we only live once. There is many private housing being developed like detached houses (or bungalows, as they are called in Malaysia and condominiums and apartments are widely available for rent and purchase and many expatriates choose to have their own standalone property. Which make it as an extra bonus for those who prefer to enjoy their own time after retired. Even though, the housing price here is a little more expensive than the Mainland Malaysia. However, think about the benefits you get when everything is just near and less traffic jam compared to the city like Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

Therefore, expect a very laid-back and affordable quality lifestyle which is suitable for a retiree and since Sarawak was listed for the MM2H program in January 2007, the state received many optimistic responses from foreigners, particularly retirees who fell in love with Sarawak and decided to spend their golden years in Sarawak, making it their second home.

To learn more, or for those planning to be in Sarawak, just visit

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